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just kidding 2007/10/07

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i guess i spoke too soon. whether in response to my smug optimism or just to the extra 25 pounds i’m carrying around, my feet have decided to go on strike. in their place, they’ve sent in two blobby masses that can’t really do anything except wince and tingle (that’s how i know they are, in fact, alive…the tingling).

i guess this is where the “pregnancy shoes” come in handy. alexis and i have been wearing them since ilsa went on maternity leave, but only for fun. i can now see where the extra thick padding will come in handy. it’s either that or nursing shoes, and i’m not ready to give my spiffy image up just yet, especially with less than a month left at work.

other things i’ve read you can do for swelled up feet– eat watermelon (yum! but is it in season? does watermelon have a season??); keep your feet elevated at work (no problem there, i’ll just prop them up on my extra desk space. oh wait, i don’t have a desk or space or extra any thing…); and…what was the 3rd one? oh, yeah!! have your partner, i mean MAKE your partner, massage them. (hmmm. i should probably take bentley to get his claws trimmed first.)

i hope for his sake and mine that watermelon is indeed in season.


boy, is henri growing 2007/10/04

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ladies and gents: i have stretchmarks. should i have realized this was coming? yes. did i? no. for that reason, i am sad. what little sex appeal i had before will now be tainted by the physicality of birth.  engorged boobs will come and go, but stretch marks last 4-ever.





new milestone 2007/09/11

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this morning, i went to brush my teeth and my stomach got in the way of spitting into the sink.  hmmm…


Up Early on a Sunday Morning 2007/08/26

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well, 8:42 AM isn’t THAT early…but i’ve been up for a couple hours…

it’s my theory that pregnancy is so freaking long (just imagine carrying around someone you love for 9 months straight!) because it takes that long to adjust to how life is going to be once the little poop is here.  that, and the “side effects.”

no one could tell if i was a morning person or evening person, because i just liked sleeping all the time.  well, guess what.  henri’s mom is now officially a morning person.  i wake up with the birds (and bentley) and am ready to go.  i mean, i’m not in a good mood or anything but i’m wide-eyed and ready to change the world.  yesterday morning, i even hung up all my new maternity clothes.  i haven’t done that since, well, never…

other side effects and their double meanings:

think it’s gross that your boobs are leaking? get ready to have spit up all over you.  i’m sure that feels much better…

annoyed that you have to pee 3-4 times a night? more annoyed that your bladder demands attention about every 30 minutes during the day, most of which are false alarms??  that’s just about how often your little one is going to cry out for you, usually because they don’t like sitting around in a wet nappie.

stressed out and cranky because you’ve lost that special groove with your mattress and can’t get a good night’s sleep? wait until your helpless offspring is in the next room (or down a flight of stairs if you’re me) breathing so quietly you can’t even make out the palpitations on your high-tech video mobile.  you’ll sleep soundly through that, i’m sure!

getting to the end of your rope when it comes to an eating schedule? the fact that you’re hungry every four hours is merely your body’s way of preparing you for feeding duty.  love that schedule!  it’s not going anywhere…


i’m not special 2007/07/25

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one of the more surprising pregnancy “side effects” i wasn’t prepared to deal with is the fact that, in general, no one really seems to care.  being pregnant is way-too-prevalent in our society; hardly anyone even smiles at me sympathetically anymore.  (also, i think being pregnant is similar to buying a new car–everywhere i go, i see other pregnant people!!!  it makes me feel even less special!!)  but for me, this is a ONE TIME ONLY event.  **special showing** there will be nooooooo repeats…!!!  so, i think more people should be paying attention.

well, it’s not as though time is flying by.  as the minutes creep/crawl, i will work on ways to flaunt my ever-increasing belly.