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Henri’s going to be a big brother! 2012/04/14

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I guess since we’ve posted the news on Facebook, it’s only fair to update Henri’s blog as well… Yes, you heard right: We’re Having a{nother} Baby!

ETA ~ September 15th

That puts me at about 17 1/2 weeks right now.  I’d love to say that this is my second pregnancy and it’s much easier, or even that this is my second trimester and it’s much easier…but it’s not and it’s not.  So far, this pregnancy sucks as worse as or much, much worse than the first. I can’t decide which is true because my mommy memory just doesn’t go back that far.  Honestly, I keep trying to stretch it back to those days when Henri was still the size of some sort of fruit, but I can’t remember what it was like.  However, the few memories I have are of eating at Qdoba, so I must have felt better than I do now!

The real question is, though…how does Henri feel? A 41/2-year-old only child, about to become a big brother? I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me nervous.  But Henri really seems excited. Just this week he has decided it’s a boy (we’ll get an u/s in the next week or so to confirm his prediction).  And he’s helped us come up with some great names, my favorite of which is “Stick.”  We’ve also had some “real” mommy/son conversations about what the birth will be like, such as:

H: Mom-mom, will it hurt when the baby comes out of your vagina?

M: Yes. Yes, it will.

Most likely, Henri has no real clue how his life is going to be turned upside down and shat upon (multiple times a day) and he won’t have a clue until this thing happens.  Hey–neither did we until Henri came along (see the first four years of this blog)…But we’ve taken the “Is Your Child Ready for a Sibling?” test and I’d say we’re doing pretty well in balancing preparation with continuing to spoil him so that he feels like no one can ever replace the special place he holds in our heart.  <true story>

As for the next child…I’m sorry, but I do not envision little baby Stick having his/her own blog. To be honest, it might not even have a bed or diapers.  (Thinking of going au natural this time around.)  The one thing we know for sure that it WILL have is a mom who knows exactly what it feels like to be #2.  That’s got to count for something.


Preschool: That Wasn’t So Hard 2011/09/06

Last Tuesday was Henri’s (MY BABY!!!) first day of preschool.  Not surprisingly, I was a wreck, but managed to hold it in until he’d been dropped off.  McKnight accompanied us, which was a good thing–otherwise, I’d probably never have left (MY BABY!!!).

In typical Henri fashion, he was absolutely fine.  His only sign of distress was when I told him Mommy & Daddy were leaving. Sort of under his breath, in his crazy voice, he said: “That’s cra-azy.”  But he was fine!  This is the kid (MY BABY!!!) who was grateful for his own room at 9 months, so, yeah.  Not surprised.

Teacher’s Note from the first day: Henri “quietly observed” what we did today. That’s my cautious guy. 🙂

When I dropped him off today, new faux-hawk all spiked up, there was another kid–a 2-year-old–screaming like hell for his mom.  I had to thank the Lord that my child doesn’t do that. Truly, I wouldn’t be able to leave.  Also, it made me proud. Way to go, H-man!  No need to freak out when the mom-mom leaves.

Last night at the dinner table: “Why do I only go to school 2 days when I want to go right now?”  Whoa, now.  That’s taking it a little far…  Mom-mom needs to work up to this full time separation thing.


Born Into It 2010/08/08

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Yesterday was my second garage sale with Henri (that we put on), and I have to say: I’m quite the lucky mom.  He didn’t complain about being bored or even get that upset when some of his {old} toys were sold to another little boy.  He also does a great job “hooking the buyer” with his good looks and cute antics.  One day, he’ll make a very good salesman, though I hope he makes the same pact I did and disregards that as a career option.  (Uh-oh; just made the connection between a love of cars and a knack for selling things. CAR SALESMAN??? Say it isn’t so!)

In fact, yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had {with Henri}.  I can only imagine how some kids might find sitting out on the driveway in the blaring sun all day less than appealing.  Add to that the kid inclincation that everything you’ve ever owned is holy and should not be sold for less than $1 to strangers, and you have a Big, Brewing Disaster Stew.  But not H-Man. Garage Sale-ing, like all other things Moving Related, are in his blood. Once he gets over that nap-a-day thing and gains some muscle, he’s going to be an even more invaluable component of Team Lee Lee.  Of course, by that point, he’ll want nothing to do with me, and no customers will want to buy his pent-up-aggressionified rock/movie star posters with matching black t-shirts.

Nah, I can’t picture it.  Henri’s not going to be that kind of teen…  Right?  Mom-Mom and H-Man 4-evuh.


henri as a big brother 2009/08/19

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hmmm…i can’t picture it. can you?


we’re legal! 2008/07/21

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is this for real??? 2008/06/30

I just received this email:

Dear MomofHenri,

Thanks again for shopping at Toys”R”Us & Babies”R”Us. We’re pleased to tell you that your item(s) has been shipped!

If there are remaining items in your order that were not shipped at this time, you will receive a similar email notification when they ship. You can click on the link below to review the status of your entire order, including any items that may have been shipped separately.

Item: 4484966
Description: Simplicity Kingston 4-in-1 Crib – Chocolate/White
Quantity: 1
Status: Shipped via: FedEx Ground

YOU MEAN HENRI IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAVE HIS OWN BED?????? I thought this dream would never come true!


and the award for bestest baby ever goes to… 2008/04/28

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this is what henri’s weekend consisted of:

saturday: spend all day with mark’s mom and her husband (he’s only met them a couple times before this); come home and go to bed

sunday: travel back and forth between old house and new house, with crap loaded all around him most of the time, while also getting a 2nd tooth and having to take naps in either the car or a brand new location; we also managed to squeeze in a trip to target

you would think by last night around 7 pm, he would not only be completely exhausted, but would also be cranky mccranky pants. but i have to say–he really wasn’t. he is “officially” the best baby in the world, or–at least–the most well-behaved. i mean, transitioning to a new house is worth mild crankiness by itself, let alone the rest of what we put him through… the only time he really got fussy was when that 2nd tooth really started moving in. other than that, it was henri-as-usual (cries when sleepy, hungry or has to burp). i don’t want to count my chickens before the eggs hatch or anything, but we might have the first redhead on our hands who isn’t a threat to his parents’ sanity! note: i did not say that he isn’t stubborn as hell, because he is…he’s just stubborn in a sweet baby, henri kind of way.