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hungry, hungry hippo 2007/12/17

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today was henri’s one month checkup. he checked in at the “top of his weight bracket” (10 lbs and some change). maybe he wasn’t a porker when he was born, but he’s making up for that now. henri LOVES him some bottle… luckily, his doc said we could go up to 2 1/2 oz. of food every 3 hours instead of only 2 oz. we’ll see if that makes a difference. if not, we may have to send her that video of him screaming for an entire hour before his feeding time. 🙂


it’s beginning to look a lot like a sleepy christmas 2007/12/12

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monday night, henri went to visit santa claus. unfortunately, he slept through the whole thing… oh well, he’s too young to know what he wants for christmas, anyway!


a good way to test if you are fully recovered from the C-section… 2007/12/10

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…is to fall down your icy front steps.  If you can get up by yourself and your uterus is still in place, you’re good!  However, don’t try this too soon.  You don’t want to go to your midwife and tell her you threw yourself down the stairs 2 days after having a baby.  Wait at least a couple weeks…