Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

portrait of a family 2007/07/21


as the conspirer and chief contributor on this blog, lee lee doesn’t feel the need to say much about herself here, as you can learn *much* more about here just through general consumption of the blog.  HOWEVER, you might want to know that as much as she sometimes doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and as much as she absolutely despises washing a baby-seat tray 3 times in one day, she is now and forever will be, first & foremost, momofhenri in word, in deed and in spirit.  there’s actually no way around it.  it turns out that’s who she was all along; we just didn’t know it until henri (and McKnight) showed up.






though mcknight has written only one blog on here to date, he writes a lot of them in his head and one day, it is believed, he will post them here, in full…a manifesto on daddying.  at which point, we will all be blown away by his sensitivity…his awareness…his grammar, even.  until then, it will have to suffice the reader’s curiosity to know that if da-da did not cook dinner, we’d all be hungry.  if da-da did not work his butt off, we’d all be homeless.  if da-da did not make us brush our teeth, we’d all be–blegh!  and if da-da did not choose opportune (but rare) times to say something brilliantly witty, we’d all be humorless.  and, as anyone involved in any sort of family unit knows, Humor is the glue that holds it all together.


*henri (22 months and counting)

23 Oct 09

23 Oct 09


the h-man defies what it means to be a “baby.”  he doesn’t just have a distinct personality and he isn’t just cute.  he’s got charisma, style, and–most importantly–attitude.  even though he refused to admit that any other color besides blue existed for about 4 months, his favorite color is now orange.  he likes to pick out his own t-shirt and pull up his own pants.  to mcknight’s dismay, he doesn’t like striped socks (gasp!).  he is more like mom-mom than anyone could’ve hoped for/would’ve wished on the world: stubborn, fiercely loyal, quick to judge and just as quick to forget.  he’s emphatic; in place of “No” & “Yes” he says “No Uh-Uh” and “Yes Uh-Huh.”  he’s contrary.  if you think it’s a dog, it’s a rabbit; but, if he thinks it’s a dog, it’s a DAWG.  he’s beautiful. (see above line about how much he’s like mom-mom).  and he’s totally deserving of a fantastic, though sometimes a little-too-therapeutic mommy/daddy blog.  one day, he will read this and immediately check himself into a hospital.  but on another–much later–day, he will read this and say to himself, “hey.  those people really loved me.  i am their star.”



*henri’s sibling (coming soon!)


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