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it was bound to happen 2007/11/30

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i’ve become one of those people i hate: the ones who make online photo albums of every moment of their child’s life.  hey–what can i say?  i’m BORED.  you don’t have to look at them just because i make them!!!


i demand to continue on a feeding schedule! 2007/11/29

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apparently, strict feeding schedules are a hallmark of fundamentalist child-raising policies.  and, yes, i do mean policies.  they have a guidebook–much like the Bible, only God didn’t write this one–that spells out exactly how to raise your child so that they become a Bible-believing, God-fearing, “I-don’t-play-with-my-food” adult.

strict & scheduled feedings are only one requirement among myriad other “I’m the Parent, Goddamnit” type rules such as planned alone playtime and spanking.

of course, it’s all about power: God has power over man; man has power over woman; and parents have power over children.  mmmmmmmmm…family.  it really warms my heart.

fortunately, i hadn’t read this document before following henri’s pediatrician’s advice to keep him on a schedule, or i probably would’ve balked more.  i know “demand feeding” is all the rage among those free-loving breastfeeding moms, but i really think the schedule is the right thing for us.  imagine how difficult it would be to regulate his intake with four different caregivers feeding him whenever he cried or suckled.  t’would be difficult, since, so far, he hasn’t stopped suckling! the boy loves to suckle!  he suckles immediately after finishing an entire bottle!!!

and: lastly…  if demand feeding is so good for breastfeeding moms because it helps them regulate their milk supply, blah blah blah…then, schedule feeding is just as good for bottle-feeding moms, because i need to regulate my budget!

so, yeah. those are my reasons.  and I’M NOT A FUNDAMENTALIST! promise 🙂


need…more…clocks… 2007/11/27

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now i remember why i resisted momhood for so long…from the moment the kid pops out of you, you’re on a schedule. life is no longer your own; TIME is your master.

the darn feeding schedule is enough to drive you mad. (and IS, in fact, driving the ever-hungry henri mad.) i’m constantly looking at the clock and calculating how many more hours it will be ’til he can have a bottle. when he wakes up wimpering at night, the first thing i grab is my phone (i don’t even *have* a clock in my bedroom…!!) to see what time it is. and, already, we’ve experienced the “plan ahead for the number of hours you’ll be gone” conundrum. as a parent of a bottle-fed baby, you just can’t decide to have lunch out on a whim…unless you’ve brought along extra supplies, that is.

of course, i hate [working] clocks more than most people. but i’d be willing to bet the schedule thing is the #1 biggest adjustment for all new parents. i don’t care how structured your life is nor how rigorous your schedule; you aren’t a slave to time until you have a screaming, red-faced kid who thinks 3-4 hours between bottles really means somewhere around 2 1/2.


reverse psychology 2007/11/14

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after having tried everything else in our power to get henri to come out (with not even a little teensy bitsy bit of avail), we’re going to try a little “planned ignoring” on this stubborn guy.  maybe the reverse psychology will work??? if not, i am going to TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND GO HOME, GOD DAMN IT!


“you just haven’t had enough problems in your pregnancy, so… 2007/11/06

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…we’re going to do an ultrasound at 40 WEEKS to determine if the baby is too large to deliver at our [apparently tiny] birthing center.”

i’m not sure if bostonians are just too high strung or if the birth center is under lock-n-key b/c they don’t want any big lawsuits. but, they’re fucking up this NORMAL, HEALTHY, SMOOTH, NON-STRESS pregnancy thing i got going on.


what’s the plan? 2007/11/05

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today’s the due date, so i guess i should write this so-called “birth plan”…  i think kfrayz has already written it for me; so, that’s good.  [it’s not that i don’t want to write the birth plan, i just don’t want to write the birth plan.]  it seems too official in some way; like, planning a party or something.  but, this is a party i don’t really have control over.  so, what’s the point of planning it?

actually, i’ve been conscious throughout the entire pregnancy not to really plan things out.  i think that has kept me healthy, mentally and physically…to just get through each day as it comes.  of course, i’ve also been focused on many other things (work, work & work) so i haven’t had time to stress out about the future.  but now i kind of like this feeling: thinking about today, experiencing today, enjoying today.  it’s still a relatively new feeling, but i’m definitely getting used to it.

still…i am an opinionated gal.  so, there must be some things that i definitely want to come out of the birth.  (a baby would be nice.)  other than that–i’d like to remember the experience, whatever it may be.  i’d like to be with my friends and family, because, well, i can’t really be without them (!).  and, i’d like to take it all in stride.  sure, it’s birth and it’s serious.  but i think a small amount of lightheartedness could take us a long way.  lastly, i really really want to deliver at the birth center.  i guess that’s the part of the plan that i feel like i really can’t control, though we got some good natural induction tips from the birthing class lady.

other than that, i’m cool.  whatever happens will happen and team henri will get through it.  that is, if we can ever get it started…