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Feeling Nostalgic for Vacation 2009/08/27

henri's first "truck" coaster

henri's first "truck" coaster



he's a natural

he's a natural



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so…a couple of weeks ago, henri poured a gigantic pitcher of water on my laptop, and i admit: i got pretty angry with him.  in my defense, 1) it wasn’t an accident and 2) it wasn’t an accident.

but today, i spilled a (mostly-empty) glass of water on (only a small portion) of my computer, and–of course–he was right there watching.  “uh-oh!” he says.  but i know what he’s thinking.  cool! mommy pours water on her computer, too! so, she must not have cared that i poured water on it!!  that means i can do it again!!!  wheeeeeeeeeee…

stupid karma. what was i supposed to do? *not* get mad when he doused my computer deliberately just because i wasn’t focusing my every moment/braincell on his little world!!!  boy, did i learn my lesson.


henri as a big brother 2009/08/19

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hmmm…i can’t picture it. can you?


budding backseat driver 2009/08/10

driving-wise, today was not a good day.  the first USELESS “field trip” h-man and i went on was to the rmv in brockton, an hour away, only to get there and find out that 15,000 other losers had already signed up to be “heard” and there were no more slots left.  poop soup.

so, i decided not to waste the momentum of having henri in the car and in a pretty good mood and drove halfway across town, in traffic, to the library, searched for parking, found parking, etc. etc., only to get there and find out that the Library Does Not Open Until Noon on Mondays.  summer hours! who needs ’em!!  now, i’m never paying my $9.25 fine.

let me remind you that today was not a nice, cooler-than-usual, summer day.  it was 115 degrees if i’m white.  i assume that most 20-month-olds would not stand for such a waste of a morning (i, myself, wanted to shoot someone in the knee), but henri–darling, sweet, mellow, better-than-good henri–just sat in his seat and hummed, talked to himself, read books, notified me of trucks, and–every now and then–repeated the GPS, just to make sure mom-mom was listening:

GPS: Turn right on Hilltop Street.

Mom-mom: (Goes straight) (Swears)



statistics of henri 2009/08/02

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hmm.  i don’t think this is true…