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fisherman boots & bravery 2010/02/27

Yesterday afternoon, Henri & I had to get ready quickly to pick Dada up.  As anyone with a 2-year-old knows, getting ready “quickly,” is pretty much a rare and beautiful thing.  What ends up happening is either the parent rushing-rushing-rushing while the child ignores, resists or flat out defies you; or, the opposite–if a parent tries to coax their child into getting dressed quickly, well, we’ve got the Universal Healthcare “talks” (e.g. disaster) on our hands: tons of negotiation but no product.

So, you have to come up with a scheme.  The scheme must include something like an incentive (“if you hurry up, we might get to ___________”) and a theme.  For Henri, both of these things must include something that has a Very Big Motor that goes Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroom.

After I’d grabbed his rainboots and stuffed them on his feet, I could see a scheme was going to be necessary.  Right away, he didn’t like the boots; in fact, he didn’t want to wear shoes at all.  Shoes are for the weak.

M: Hey!” (holds him up at just the right angle as to prevent the boots from being kicked off) Do you know what these boots are called!?!  They’re called galoshes! And they’re what fisherman wear!!

*all time stands still, for about 27 seconds*

H: And boats!

M: Yes, and fisherman drive boats!   Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay.  I’m such a clever mommy. Yay, yay, yay. Thank you, Jesus.  For boats.

H: My a fisherman!!

M: Yeah, you’re a fisherman.

By continuing the metaphor, I was able to convince Henri to put on an additional shirt since it was a sweater with a boat on it and get him to walk to the car on his own without melting into a pile of “But I’m Cold” tears by suggesting to him that Fisherman Don’t Get Cold.  They LIKE the cold, rainy weather because they get to wear BOOTS when it’s cold & rainy.

Of course, he kicked them off in the car, which means when he insists on getting out of the car for a few minutes at our first errand, we have to put them back on and go through the initial yuckiness of the boots before remembering that fisherman are cool once again.  But that’s ok.  I’ll take it.

Later at dinner, an increasingly sleepy (and now bootless) Henri displayed his fisherman readiness by eating fish, fries and pickled onion.  He also tried some authentic Irish horseradish stuff and, despite his screwed up face, said he liked it.  Then, I asked him if he wanted to eat some lemon.

H: (hesitates; sniffs)

M: It’s lemon! You like it!!

H: (takes a big bite of the rind)

M/D simultaneously: No!! Did he eat the rind? Henri! You’re not supposed to eat the rind.  Spit that out. Here, give that to me.  Just eat this part.

H: (takes another bite, this time off the top)

M: Good job!   Let’s put your boots on.  Didn’t you have a nice day today? Being a fisherman…?

H: Yeah!

M: You wore Boots.

H: My NOT cold.

M: Nope, you didn’t get cold. You’re a fisherman!

H: My brave.

M: (tears up, realizing how smart her son is, making the connection between boats & fisherman & water & bravery…all. on. his. own.) Yes, you are brave.  *sniff, sniff*

H: My brave–my ate a lemon!


the last of it 2008/05/12

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well, i survived/enjoyed my first mom’s day weekend. though, i now would like to move this holiday to a monday and make it a 3-day weekend. i really did not want to get out of bed this morning.

saturday began with a lovely breakfast made by mark but thought of by me: crescent rolls toasted with brie inside. yum, yum! even P.K. liked it. next, we made a list and sent mark to the grocery store to buy everything needed (and a lot of extra stuff, apparently) for the indoor picnic at his mom’s house. we were a little late in leaving because the new landlord dropped by unexpectedly. and, also, me & henri fell asleep when we were supposed to be getting prettied up. but, we finally made it and k-frayz and her mom were already there getting to know bob & sally. we had a lovely lunch (i’m not exaggerating: when you look up lovely, you should see a video clip of this meal…) full of everything i like to eat and some things i’ve never had but tried and liked. henri was well-behaved throughout and even graced us with his charming smile a time or two.

after lunch came entertainment. henri played us some things on the piano with sally’s help, i read a poem and an old essay about my mom and i’s differences, and we even got mark to play a little bit of a song. we then decided to caravan to walden pond and take a walk since it was SUCH a nice day (stupid weather men!!). even though P.K. stayed in the car and henri despised his new backpack walking thing sally found, we still had a relaxing walk. and, i think katie is ready for her hike, as she was walking 50 times our snail-like speed…

finally, we found the site of thoreau’s old home and also visited the replica of his home that is much closer and doesn’t require a walk at all but we found it too late for me to know that! henri was introduced to henry and that was that. i knew no one would believe that i took a walk outside that wasn’t toward food of some sort, so i did take some pictures. there’s proof:: i walked!!!!!

sunday morning, me and h-man lounged around waiting and waiting for mark to wake up. when he finally did, we walked (don’t get excited…this was towards food) to a local diner and had a sausage-less meal, even though what i really wanted for mother’s day was a sausage omelet!

oh, i forgot. i also got a present and 2 cards at saturday’s lunch. nice!

anyway. after making a mess on the floor of the diner i probably won’t go back to, we stopped for some ice cream (don’t get me started on the many ingredients baskin robbins “did not have”) and then hiked uphill to a park mark passes on his way to work. turns out, they had baby swings; so, we tried henri out in one and he LOVED it. we also tried a couple different slides (riding on mommy’s lap, of course) but he didn’t like them nearly as much. this boy is a swingin’ boy.

after all that excitement, we had to go home and take a nap. i think henri took two naps.

around 5 PM, which is the witching hour for mothers wanting dinner, we went to Not Your Average Joe’s and shared mother’s day dinner with all the other parents-with-children living in watertown. but, it was fun. i liked that henri was content sitting in his seat, and even fell asleep yet again (!) without fussing too much. the weekend’s theme of restaurants disappointing me continued when they told me they didn’t carry cabo wabo and they were out of pomegranate, but i survived by drinking a plain old margarita and then having some harpoon IPA.

to end out the evening, i fell asleep watching the baseball game. i take back wanting to go to the baseball game because A) we lost and B) i had the most fabulous weekend ever. thanks to everybody, especially Mark.


feeding vs. scrapbooking…which is really more important? 2008/01/11

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i was doing some research on feeding schedules (which was NOT helpful AT ALL…) and came across a “tip” that told me never to prop my baby up with the bottle.  instead, i should always hold him while feeding.

um…oops.  i knew i was lazy…but i kind of figured that any savvy parent would eventually come up with a fallproof feeding method that doesn’t include their arm, hand or lap falling asleep.  but i guess not.  i guess i’m just *really* lazy.

however, i’m going to continue propping my baby up, because i think he really likes it.  it’s like “alone time” for both of us…unlike the rest of the day/night, which is NOT alone time at all…ever…even when we’re both sleeping…or not really sleeping but resting our eyes until the next bottle-feed…

to make up for this naughty parenting, i’m going to spend some time finishing up his memory book from the “Greatest Baby Shower of All” day o’ fun.  my plan is to glue each of the cards he got to some nice black scrapbook paper and then store them in the same binder as his “Henri: Past, Present & Future” surveys.  it’s going to be so fun looking through this book when he gets old enough to understand who all of these people that love him are.  (and it’s totally going to make up for any lack in parenting on my part.)  i can’t wait!


hungry, hungry hippo 2007/12/17

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today was henri’s one month checkup. he checked in at the “top of his weight bracket” (10 lbs and some change). maybe he wasn’t a porker when he was born, but he’s making up for that now. henri LOVES him some bottle… luckily, his doc said we could go up to 2 1/2 oz. of food every 3 hours instead of only 2 oz. we’ll see if that makes a difference. if not, we may have to send her that video of him screaming for an entire hour before his feeding time. 🙂