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is this for real??? 2008/06/30

I just received this email:

Dear MomofHenri,

Thanks again for shopping at Toys”R”Us & Babies”R”Us. We’re pleased to tell you that your item(s) has been shipped!

If there are remaining items in your order that were not shipped at this time, you will receive a similar email notification when they ship. You can click on the link below to review the status of your entire order, including any items that may have been shipped separately.

Item: 4484966
Description: Simplicity Kingston 4-in-1 Crib – Chocolate/White
Quantity: 1
Status: Shipped via: FedEx Ground

YOU MEAN HENRI IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAVE HIS OWN BED?????? I thought this dream would never come true!


yay! 2008/06/20

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henri gets home tonight!!


i absolutely love these pictures 2008/06/12

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to order pictures, visit my picasa albumSee my Tabblo>


mental health/henri day 2008/06/05

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yesterday, i took a much needed day off (read: i couldn’t get out of bed and would like to blame it on the thyroid but maybe i’m just a loser?), so i got like 8 straight hours of the h-man and was totally reminded of how lucky i am to be his mom. why? because:

  • my 6 month old likes to shop. i’m serious. he LOVES it. especially when you let him sit in the big-boy seat in the cart and he can see everything.
  • when shopping, my 6 month old [apparently] does not need to eat or sleep. he’s kinda like me in that way…
  • he’s already displaying symptoms of only-child-ism. for instance: sitting in my hour-long therapy appt. and amusing himself by trying to pull the carpet threads up.
  • he sleeps best when he’s sleeping next to me (and vice versa)
  • he doesn’t whine when i listen to the same radiohead song for an entire 45 minute drive home
  • he always smiles at strangers, even when they’re fugly. (this he does *not* get from me)
  • he doesn’t mind goin’ out in the rain (as long as he’s got his comfy clothes on)

did i love it enough to be a SAHM? probably not. but i sure did have a relaxing day. loves.