Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

i’m not special 2007/07/25

Filed under: side effects — lee lee @ 4:32 pm

one of the more surprising pregnancy “side effects” i wasn’t prepared to deal with is the fact that, in general, no one really seems to care.  being pregnant is way-too-prevalent in our society; hardly anyone even smiles at me sympathetically anymore.  (also, i think being pregnant is similar to buying a new car–everywhere i go, i see other pregnant people!!!  it makes me feel even less special!!)  but for me, this is a ONE TIME ONLY event.  **special showing** there will be nooooooo repeats…!!!  so, i think more people should be paying attention.

well, it’s not as though time is flying by.  as the minutes creep/crawl, i will work on ways to flaunt my ever-increasing belly.


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