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this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

Hope Botanical Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica 2008/12/31

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@ Devon HouseWe’re running a little late for our 9:30 AM pickup today, but here are a few shots from yesterday’s visit to the gardens/zoo.  Amazing public spaces!

@ the Gardens


Dog! 2008/12/30

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As you all know, Henri’s first word (“dawg!”) was a true indication of his greatest love (or should we say fascination).  So, I was happy to oblige our vacationing-host’s request to take care of their 3 dogs while here in Jamaica.  Little did I know there are 2 weimaraners!  Though P.J. is the size of a small horse and Frida is as awkward as any weim I’ve yet to see, Henri isn’t scared of them one bit.  The third dog is poor little Zipper, who’s more scared of us but can bark just as loud when a stranger passes on the road…

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Henri’s First Sailing Trip

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Henri really enjoyed sailing, when he wasn’t sleeping–or, even while he was sleeping!  We did a good job of keeping him sunburn-free, except for right around his eyes where I was too afraid to put the lotion.  I guess our next stop in Jamaica is going to be a baby-sunglasses store.

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