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hiding in the fort 2009/09/13

i have been thinking a lot lately about if i’m A) not as good of a mom as henri needs, B) a good mom but not as good of a mom as i wish i could be, or C) just a really lame mom.  the scary thing is that i’m not sure much, if any, of this (really) has to do with my “depression.”  i think that maybe there are just things about being a mom that i’m not good at: like playing trucks & cars for 8 hours straight, or playing anything for 8 hours straight.  i’m not a big “play” person.  but i want to be, if that’s what henri needs me to be.  where’s the balance supposed to be in that conundrum?

admittedly, there are things i’m super-good at when it comes to momming the h-man that previous skeptics (and by skeptics, i mean me) are probably really surprised about.  like how i’m pretty damn compassionate.  even though it’s funny as hell when henri falls down–hard to explain, he just gets hurt in funny/odd ways–i’m still really good at “kissing his boo-boo” and making sure he’s alright, prior to my laughing at with him.   well, that’s all i can think of right now. but i know there are other ways in which i’m better than i thought i would be that i *can’t* think of right now, mainly because i’m Hiding. In a Fort. in more ways than one.

what i’m trying to say is: i have fun with henri.  i’ve had loads of fun with henri. there are lots of zaftig memories in my mind.  we have fun together.  but…  i still have mommy-guilt.  i confess–to no one’s surprise, i’m sure: i don’t know where the grey is. i’m willing to bet that i couldn’t find the grey if it came up and tapped me on the shoulder and said, “hey there, i’m the grey part of being a mom.”

i’ve been told i have high expectations.  so, is that what this is? i’ve also been told that i deliberately put high expectations on people so that they will fail me and i can wallow in the disappointment that brings.  i guess, if that’s the case–which i’m not totally convinced of–then i could put the same amount of unrealistically high expectations on myself, fail, and be happy that the world is still round and i’m still a failure.  but that seems highly unlikely.  what kind of fucked up person would do that?


belated happenings (lazy post) 2008/07/24

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i haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping this blog going. alas, some other things have taken over my life/mind. rest assured, henri is still growing and changing and being remarkable every single day. while he isn’t yet crawling, here are some things he enjoys:

  • gritting his teeth together. yes, he only has 3 teeth. but that doesn’t seem to stop him from constantly gritting them.  i wonder if he’s just like, hey–what are these things in my mouth? or, if he actually does it to relieve pain or something.  either way, it is superbly annoying/slightly painful to listen to.
  • climbing.  not being able to crawl doesn’t stop him from grabbing on to whatever’s closest to him (fabrics work best) and pulling himself across your body, the floor, the bed, etc.
  • falling off the bed. how many times does this have to happen before he realizes it hurts? oh wait, am i supposed to keep this from happening??? oops.  i guess fear is a learned thing, b/c henri certainly doesn’t have any.  combine that with his constant need to be going, doing, moving, etc. and you have what we call a “thrillseeker.”
  • singing.  henri has this little walker that has a musical feature and we just noticed the other night that when you put him in the walker, he’ll hit the button to make the music play and immediately start crooning right along.  when the music stops, he stops.  also, the other day, he sang along to bob marley.  i always knew i’d have a reggae kid.
  • walking. well, in his walker, that is.  actually, he more scoots around in circles using only one foot.  unless he gets stuck, then he can use both legs to back up.
  • drumming on anything.  we got him an actual drum, but he really didn’t need it.  tabletops work just fine.  i firmly believe his penchant for drumming is due to mcknight’s constant drumming on my pregnant belly during henri’s last month in utero.
  • giving love bites.  i’m not sure if he’s kissing us, biting us, or just experiencing us through his salivary glands like he experiences everything else that is a part of his world, but henri loves to grab on to you and plant a big wet one right on your shoulder.  regardless of intention, it makes me feel loved.

well, i could go on, but that should update you for now.  basically, henri enjoys pretty much anything that doesn’t involve sleep.  that, he avoids like a plague.  in fact, he has decided sleep actually isn’t a necessity after all.


is this for real??? 2008/06/30

I just received this email:

Dear MomofHenri,

Thanks again for shopping at Toys”R”Us & Babies”R”Us. We’re pleased to tell you that your item(s) has been shipped!

If there are remaining items in your order that were not shipped at this time, you will receive a similar email notification when they ship. You can click on the link below to review the status of your entire order, including any items that may have been shipped separately.

Item: 4484966
Description: Simplicity Kingston 4-in-1 Crib – Chocolate/White
Quantity: 1
Status: Shipped via: FedEx Ground

YOU MEAN HENRI IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAVE HIS OWN BED?????? I thought this dream would never come true!


belly baby 2008/05/29

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henri has started sleeping on his tummy. i have no idea if this is okay or not. i think it would be more okay if he was IN HIS CRIB. oh, CRI-IHB? Where Are You-uuuuu?


henri is so cute. he even makes me want to wake up in the morning. 2008/04/30

when henri wakes up in the morning, he is generally in a bright and cheery mood! he contentedly squawks and squeals until one of us gets up to bring him back to our bed. since he’s not usually hungry right away, we give him a furry toy to chew on while we rest our eyes a little bit more. eventually, he will get frustrated/hungry enough that he’ll grab mark’s nose and wake us [back] up. his new rolling over technique is very useful at this stage. once we’re *really* awake, somebody gets up and makes him a bottle. then, he eats breakfast in bed while we get just a little more shut-eye before the horrible, tragic, day-away-from-henri-and-all-things-lovely-and-good-and-baby-centric begins. while we’re getting ready in the mornings, henri is all too happy to sit in his bouncy seat and play, along with more squaking and squealing of course. then, we drop him off upstairs with nani and/or papi, at which time the routine starts over with “giving him the fuzzy animal to chew on.”

have i mentioned i have the perfect life? and by perfect, i mean everything i’ve always wanted.