Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

in case you weren’t sure he’s mine… 2008/08/28

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this afternoon, i put henri down for his afternoon nap (i knew he was tired b/c he almost fell asleep in the swing at the park) and he fussed for an hour or more–just because he didn’t want to go to sleep. why? we’ll never know…he’s just stubborn. my mom came home from work and i realized i couldn’t hear him crying, so i went to check on him and he was SITTING UP but ASLEEP. have you ever heard of a baby so stubborn he won’t even Lie Down??

geez. where does he get it from?


letter to parents 2008/08/16

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dear mom and dad:

in order to repay you for sticking me in my car seat for five long hours of rainy, traffic-filled hell, i’m going to give you the gift of a song from my beautiful lungs for the rest of the night.

love always,


have we started a new tradition or what? 2008/08/15

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we’re about 3 hours in to our 1st ”family vacation” and we’ve only gone 52.4 miles. henri took a short nap & had a bottle & then,for about an hour, cried loud enough for our fellow slow-moving travelers to think we had killed his best friend just prior to starting our trip. well, thank god for applebees (never thought i’d say that…), where we stopped to let henri stretch his muscles-both vocal and physical. he now sleeps quietly as we crawl along toward NYC, only slightly slower than my painstakingly laborious mobile-phone typing pace.