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unexpected benefit 2007/10/01

Filed under: pregnancy myths — lee lee @ 8:47 pm

i’m sure there are a lot of bad things about not having a “partner” while being preggers (not that i can think of any…) but one thing that i think is actually good is that there’s no one around to complain to all the time.  i read in my pregnancy magazine about how you shouldn’t hint around that your feet hurt and you need a massage…you should tell it like it is: “yo, partner/future babydaddy.  not only are my dogs barking, they’re calling your name.  get over here, pronto.  and don’t forget the lotion.”  (or something like that…)

honestly, my feet don’t hurt.  but even if they did, i think i would probably just let it drop because bentley isn’t that great at massaging feet.  (though, he does a pretty good job of kneading my big dough-like belly every now and then.)  but really…i’m beginning to wonder if pregnancy complaints are 100% true, or if it’s just that mindset that this is the time in your life to have others do for you.

someone once told me i’m not good at asking for help when i need it.  so, maybe this is just me being stubborn.  i’m probably ignoring all my aches and pains because i don’t want to ask my imaginary best friend for a foot massage.  :-/


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  1. […] under: side effects — llxt @ 8:42 am i guess i spoke to soon.  whether in response to my smug optimism or just to the extra 25 pounds i’m carrying around, my feet have decided to go on strike.  […]

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