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no one told me babies were this much work!!! 2008/02/21

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ha ha…

now that i have a job again, everyone has their panties in a wad about getting to and fro’ work and how often henri has to leave the house/drive around the city. may i remind you that emma had to accompany her papi to various places to accommodate everyone’s schedule for about the first three years of her life ??? now, i know you all thought it would be different since henri is such a “special” child (and by special, i mean he CRIES WHENEVER THE CAR IS NOT MOVING AT OR ABOVE 40 MPH)…but we are all the same crazy, workaholic, not-so-special family…so, i don’t know why you got your hopes up.

actually, i think he likes leaving the house. s t r a n g e, since no one else around 43 early ave does. but–already–he is such a little individualist. a mother has to be proud of that.

and while we’re on the subject of schedules, or, rather, the lack thereof: i will say that (as with anything parent-related, i’m sure) my rigorous standards have relaxed quite a bit. i think it took a little while for me & henri to get on the same page and in the same groove…but, the more i get to know him, the more i know whether he’s crying because he’s starving to death or because he’s bored or because he’s tired or because everyone in the room doesn’t have their eyes glued to his adorable face.  in general, though, he gets hungry about every 2 hours, 15 minutes (i only know this statistic because of the WONDERFUL Itzbeen), even after we increased him to 4 oz every feeding. but it’s terribly difficult to feed him more than 4 oz, due to his “falling asleep while eating” habit. oh well; he seems [much more] content and he is pretty much a happy baby these days, so i think we’re doing a damn good job. (also, whenever i get around to/have capabilities to post some more current pics–you will see he is not just “happy,” but Fat and Happy.)

i don’t feel bad about those first few weeks of him being a tad bit hungry, though. after what he put me through in the labor room…he deserves it!!! (JUST KIDDING, HENRI)


when i’m not being a mom… 2008/02/20

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