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TRASH! (yuk!) 2009/02/11

after teaching henri a couple signs that ended up being not-actually-sign-language, mark & i visited a baby signing class at the local library.  we learned 10 *real* signs, plus words/signs to a new song (more milk…more milk…please may i have more milk…) and signs to “twinkle, twinkle little star.”  other than acquiring a surefire method to torture henri while he’s in his delicate teenage angst-years (more milk…more milk…please may i have more milk…), it was a neat experience, which affirmed for me, yet again, that mark and i are alone in our fight against a world of overly-weird parents.  well, i guess i did get a little teary-eyed when the teacher told us the story of how her partially deaf son finally signed “more” for the first time–not in response to food, as they had hoped and expected, but after an exhilarating throw, up in the air, by his daddy *sniff sniff.

despite the teacher telling us to introduce “maybe one or two signs a week,” we were eager beavers and started laying them on thick as buttuh on a grilled english muffin.  and, of course, we’ve sung the song at least a thousand times (more milk…more milk…please can i have more milk…).  poor henri was so overwhelmed that he just started making the “mixing” motion for patty-cake anytime mark and i would start signing.  he halfheartedly signed “more” once, before acquiring his newest bit of language–unh, unh, unh–which, similar to his previous favorite word THAT, can basically take the place of all signing/language put together.

but–finally–(yes this posting has a point, thank you)–this week, he signed his first true sign!  it’s TRASH!.  yes, i know the sign for trash, because i asked our teacher during Q&A.  and, boy am i glad i did.  henri cannot only sign TRASH!, he signs it with gusto!!  he signs it like there’s no tomorrow!!  he absolutely loves signing TRASH! (now a synonym for yuk!).  best of all, seeing henri sign TRASH! more than makes up for the odd look on the teacher’s face when i asked her what the sign was, not to mention all of the other parents trying to pretend like they hadn’t heard what i said, or that i hadn’t said it all.  hey, a mother knows her son, okay?  somehow, i must’ve known that henri would l-o-v-e to sign TRASH!  so there.

makes me want to say/sing/sign: More Trash! More Trash! Please can I have More Trash??? Mine’s All Gone…! I Want More Trash!!!


bring on the hair dye

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i spotted a blonde streak in henri’s hair today.  he was outside, playing in the sun, so it might’ve been an optical illusion.  but, to be safe, we should stock up on red hair dye.  i’m only half-joking when i say this.  actually, i’m not joking at all.  since my hair only stayed red until i was four years old, maybe i should be expecting henri’s hair to change colors.  but i was so ecstatic to see him come out with [a wee bit of] red hair, and then to see it stay red while growing in…

life will once and for all “not be fair” if henri’s hair turns blonde.  aren’t there enough heartbreakers in the world??? who’s going to give all the kindergarten teachers a hard time if redheads are weeded out of society?  we need another youuuuuuuuk!