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this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

it was bound to happen 2007/11/30

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i’ve become one of those people i hate: the ones who make online photo albums of every moment of their child’s life.  hey–what can i say?  i’m BORED.  you don’t have to look at them just because i make them!!!


reverse psychology 2007/11/14

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after having tried everything else in our power to get henri to come out (with not even a little teensy bitsy bit of avail), we’re going to try a little “planned ignoring” on this stubborn guy.  maybe the reverse psychology will work??? if not, i am going to TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND GO HOME, GOD DAMN IT!


pregnancy looks good on me? 2007/09/08

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here’s the average conversation between me and someone else:

other person: wow! you’ve really popped!!

lee lee: yep.

other person:  how far along are you/when are you due???

lee lee: november 5th.

other person:  oh, that’s not THAT far away…

lee lee: it’s far enough!

other person:  well, you look really GOOD

lee lee: [silence] [stunned/slightly grateful smile]

my big question is: what would these people say if i didn’t look good???
and, what does “looking good” really mean?  is it because i’m still wearing clothes instead of mumu’s?  or because i still bathe on a regular basis?  do most pregnant women not look good at this point in their pregnancy?  or, is the other person just amazed that a weakling such as myself is still living and breathing with an additional 19 pounds concentrated in my middlins?

i don’t know and i guess it [ultimately] doesn’t matter.  strange as it is to have other people invested in the state of my external affairs, i’ve never received so many compliments on the way i look before and i probably never will again.   i really wouldn’t complain about this…but i don’t have any other complaints right now!!!  i guess pregnancy feels good on me, too…


as you know: the breast is best!!! 2007/08/25

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let me see if i can sum this up… i’m not a scientist [obviously] but i am a HUMAN BEING. and i’m a woman. and i’m a daughter. and i’m an aunt. and i’m a friend of people with children. in my opinion, all of these things give me sufficient information to decide whether or not breastfeeding is the choice for me. (YES– I DID SAY CHOICE.) also, i’m not like ignorant, or anything like that. i mean, i have 2 college degrees and know the difference between words like laconic and lethargic…so, i’m definitely not stupid.

here’s my argument about parenting/things that affect a woman’s body: MY BODY; MY CHOICE. okay, so that’s not my argument, so to speak. but it is more concise (not to mention catchy) than any other argument i could come up with. if i choose to get pregnant, than i choose how i’m going to handle the pregnancy (as long as we’re within safe medical guidelines, of course…). if i choose to become a mom, than i choose how i’m going to raise my child (as long as we’re within safe medical guidelines). so, if i don’t want to breastfeed my child, but i do because i’m forced to (or even expected to), then i’ve already negated one of the biggest “benefits” to breastfeeding…the mother/child bond. yes, i AM the type to resent my own child for years of breast-suckling-in-public humiliation…

but, what if the breast really is best? you ask… it’s not. and any woman that truly looks into her own soul and assesses whether or not she’s breastfeeding for scientific reasons or for personal satisfaction will agree with me. this isn’t about science. it’s about individuals. there are two choices when it comes to feeding your newborn, and both are completely, medically safe.

the medical community, especially women practitioners, are doing the world a disservice by continuing to perpetuate the myth that breastfeeding is best. because they don’t mean it’s best. they mean it’s “only, thereby best.” i haven’t yet figured out a benefit they get from perpetuating the myth, so my only guess is that they’re being lazy. or maybe it’s pride: re-doing the statistics to include women who bottle-feed because they want to would mean admitting women bottle-feed because they want to. ooooh…scary. one day, women will also begin having children outside of wedlock and, even, (gasp!), terminating viable pregnancies. Lord Have Mercy On Us All.

well, that’s my soapbox. even if it’s not a very good one… i don’t need statistics to tell me that my bottle-fed niece is one of the prettiest, healthiest, smartest and friendliest little girls in the world. or that my bottle-fed sister is all that and a piece of homemade chocolate cake w/homemade chocolate icing on top. or that my bottle-fed self is not the “bestest” in any realm, but–hey, she an A-okay gal.

guess what else?  we ALL have great relationships with our mother. though, there was that 3-5 year period when i really hated P.K. if only she’d breastfed me!!!! i never would’ve gone through puberty!!!


i’m one of them 2007/08/07

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this is my second day sitting at diesel cafe all day (“working from home”). other than the usual lesbians, the big daytime population here appears to be parents & small children/infants, and–thus–their ginormous strollers. at first it was getting on my nerves (we’re here to work! take your banana-dropping kid to the park for christ’s sake!!); but, then i realized that’s gonna be me in about 4 months. weird.

i guess i should just be glad that i won’t be the first mom to let her kid drink coffee in public…


momdom=geekdom 2007/07/21

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i had thought of tracking my pregnancy highs & lows via a blog; but, in the beginning i was just too damn sick/tired/almost dead; and, lately, there hasn’t been a goddamned thing going on. well, nothing to blog about, that is…

thus, the perfect time to start a blog! i just read someone’s blog who writes about the squirrels vs. the birds in their backyard, for pete’s sake! if they can do it–SO CAN I. *evil laugh*

actually, henri has started kicking his peewee legs (at least i hope it’s his leg) lately. see–he just kicked me. i think he’s trying to say “hey mom, you’re a big enough nerd as it is. don’t start another blog just to talk about me. please-please don’t!!” since i can’t kick him back, i’m just going to remind him (and all of you) that AT LEAST i’m not one of those mom’s that is starting a blog as though i were the baby talking. now, that’s ridiculous. everyone knows babies can’t write. well, mine will be able to, but not until he’s out of the womb…

other than that (the kicking of legs, i mean), the only exciting thing about the so-called “honeymoon” trimester is that i can eat whatever the hell i want without getting sick. but don’t tell my nutritionist; i think she wants me to eat greens and lettuce and stuff. blegh. henri likes ICE CREAM. oh, and. we’re probably moving to the ‘burbs—–the real ‘burbs—–not the medford ‘burbs. how is this related to the momming of henri, you ask? not so fast…don’t try to trick me into revealing any of my expert-mom secrets. me (and henri) know. and we’re cool wid it.

shall i bore you with the not-so-exciting things? nah. maybe later; when there’s really nothing to report…