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Born Into It 2010/08/08

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Yesterday was my second garage sale with Henri (that we put on), and I have to say: I’m quite the lucky mom.  He didn’t complain about being bored or even get that upset when some of his {old} toys were sold to another little boy.  He also does a great job “hooking the buyer” with his good looks and cute antics.  One day, he’ll make a very good salesman, though I hope he makes the same pact I did and disregards that as a career option.  (Uh-oh; just made the connection between a love of cars and a knack for selling things. CAR SALESMAN??? Say it isn’t so!)

In fact, yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had {with Henri}.  I can only imagine how some kids might find sitting out on the driveway in the blaring sun all day less than appealing.  Add to that the kid inclincation that everything you’ve ever owned is holy and should not be sold for less than $1 to strangers, and you have a Big, Brewing Disaster Stew.  But not H-Man. Garage Sale-ing, like all other things Moving Related, are in his blood. Once he gets over that nap-a-day thing and gains some muscle, he’s going to be an even more invaluable component of Team Lee Lee.  Of course, by that point, he’ll want nothing to do with me, and no customers will want to buy his pent-up-aggressionified rock/movie star posters with matching black t-shirts.

Nah, I can’t picture it.  Henri’s not going to be that kind of teen…  Right?  Mom-Mom and H-Man 4-evuh.


update: we are really moving this time 2008/04/09

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we finally found a house that will, um, house all of us. it’s not exactly SUBURBIA…since 50% of the residents were worried about commuting options, i had to let that one go. but there is a [tiny] yard and a [large] patio, plus a thousand rooms to put our crap in.

henri’s room is soooooooooo big i’m considering putting a climbing wall in there (14 foot celings) and maybe one of those plastic outdoor play-thingies, slide and all. also, the h-man will have his own bathroom. how 21st century of us. (though, we will appreciate this as he gets older and older…and older…and older. for now, i think it’ll be more like mark and lee lee have separate bathrooms.)

other perks to the house: 2 separate entertaining areas for fantastic parties (!), an “office” for mark to hide in when the rest of us become too much for him to bear and custom details everywhere, which make me feel like it’s not a rental after all.

p.s. mark your calendars: open house/first party is the weekend of July 4th. details to come via e-vite after we’re settled in.


someone take my amex away 2007/08/23

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there comes a time in a [pregnant&working] woman’s life when she must go shopping. for me, it was right around 28 weeks. if only i could wear my basketball shorts to work…

some thoughts about maternity clothes:

  • why does everything tie in the back? that’s so not-politically-correct for the partnerless preggers.
  • where is the pregnant woman willing to spend $80 on jeans? i think i’ll wait until i can fit back into pants that actually have a waist.
  • what insane bachelor/businessman thought up the “maternity thong”? gross.
  • why isn’t everything in a maternity store made of jersey knit? now, that would be a honeymoon phase!

i haven’t even had the kid yet and i’m already juggling priorities 2007/07/30

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we’ve found a house in stoneham that is large enough and within our budget. on top of that, it’s a single family home with a great backyard (swingset/playground thingy included) and is available on a rent-to-own basis. whoopee! it is big-time suburbs, complete with all the neighbors knowing each others’ names and about 4 golf courses. suburbs: here we come.

we were also excited to find out it’s directly across the street from a fancy-looking elementary school. according to the current owner of the house, the school was just built within the last 3 years and all 3 of her boys have gone/are going there and they love it; it’s fabulous. yet another bonus, we’re thinking.

come to find out, stoneham doesn’t have the best reputation for school districts. according to one co-worker, the residents of stoneham most recently voted against a tax stipulation and a fee for trash pickup, both of which would’ve offered more funding for their schools. as a result of these things not passing, they had to CUT high school athletics, arts & music programs and THE SIXTH GRADE. yes, you read that right. they cut the entire sixth grade program and sent the students back to fifth grade for a second year. hmmmmmmmmmmmm… i’m not part of the PTA just yet, but that doesn’t seem so good…

fortunately, i have no desire to enroll my future genius in any school that just anyone can get into. but, i also don’t want to go to ari-like lenths to get him into a private school that will probably be just as bad curriculum wise. as someone who is very interested in alternative school methods, i like the idea of charter schools as a nice medium.

as luck would have it, there’s a charter school in malden, less than 10 minutes from our new community. a quick review of their mission and parent/student handbook ensures one that it is indeed a school that takes education seriously. my one concern so far is their “character” requirements, which include reciting the pledge of allegiance every day and learning about our nation’s heroes. let’s just hope these aren’t the [white heterosexual Bible-believing male] heroes i learned about in my ultra-conservative primary education. i think it would take a few classroom observations on my part to ascertain whether i’d send my kid there. the good news is, i have a little over 5 years to make this decision. hey–maybe by then we’ll be under a dictatorship and it won’t matter!