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this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

mother love {is sometimes revolting} 2009/11/07

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As I was routinely changing Henri’s diaper tonight before beginning the bedtime routine, I thought to myself: How could I ever not love someone whose ass crack I’ve seen a million times?

Strange, but true.


statistics of henri 2009/08/02

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hmm.  i don’t think this is true…


bring on the hair dye 2009/02/11

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i spotted a blonde streak in henri’s hair today.  he was outside, playing in the sun, so it might’ve been an optical illusion.  but, to be safe, we should stock up on red hair dye.  i’m only half-joking when i say this.  actually, i’m not joking at all.  since my hair only stayed red until i was four years old, maybe i should be expecting henri’s hair to change colors.  but i was so ecstatic to see him come out with [a wee bit of] red hair, and then to see it stay red while growing in…

life will once and for all “not be fair” if henri’s hair turns blonde.  aren’t there enough heartbreakers in the world??? who’s going to give all the kindergarten teachers a hard time if redheads are weeded out of society?  we need another youuuuuuuuk!


nobody’s perfect (not even me) 2008/11/17

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as a mom, i plan on:

  • losing my temper sometimes
  • saying things i regret
  • expecting henri to behave when i ask him to

(after all, i’m only human)

gee…i hope this okay with my son… otherwise, he might disown me!


in case you weren’t sure he’s mine… 2008/08/28

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this afternoon, i put henri down for his afternoon nap (i knew he was tired b/c he almost fell asleep in the swing at the park) and he fussed for an hour or more–just because he didn’t want to go to sleep. why? we’ll never know…he’s just stubborn. my mom came home from work and i realized i couldn’t hear him crying, so i went to check on him and he was SITTING UP but ASLEEP. have you ever heard of a baby so stubborn he won’t even Lie Down??

geez. where does he get it from?