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karma 2009/08/27

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so…a couple of weeks ago, henri poured a gigantic pitcher of water on my laptop, and i admit: i got pretty angry with him.  in my defense, 1) it wasn’t an accident and 2) it wasn’t an accident.

but today, i spilled a (mostly-empty) glass of water on (only a small portion) of my computer, and–of course–he was right there watching.  “uh-oh!” he says.  but i know what he’s thinking.  cool! mommy pours water on her computer, too! so, she must not have cared that i poured water on it!!  that means i can do it again!!!  wheeeeeeeeeee…

stupid karma. what was i supposed to do? *not* get mad when he doused my computer deliberately just because i wasn’t focusing my every moment/braincell on his little world!!!  boy, did i learn my lesson.