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this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

Born a Procrastinator, and other inherently lee lee traits 2011/03/14

Henri’s favorite response to anything right now is “tomorrow.”  Do you want to use the potty? “Maybe tomorrow.”  When should we go to gymnastics this week? “Probably tomorrow.” We should probably pick up these toys. “Yeah. Tomorrow.”  Actually, I lied about the first one; he doesn’t ever intend on using the potty.

This isn’t the only way in which Henri continues to live up to his mini-me moniker.  Witness a few of his sleepy time habits: Doesn’t like his feet covered up; Must have at least 1,000 blankets; Can’t stand sleeping on a pillowcase without a blanket in between (We have sensitive skin!); Generally has trouble falling asleep; Needs grace period between waking up and getting out of bed.

Next up, he likes reading, by which I mean he Loves Reading, by which I mean he READS EVERYTHING.  At this 3-year checkup, I told his doctor that Henri was interested in the way letters sound and was probably going to be reading soon, she didn’t seem that surprised.  Kids of English teachers really do have it rough.

Seriously, though. Name another 3-year-old who can read all of the words with the “at” sound in them. That Cat, who Sat on the Mat, has on a Hat.  Normally, he’s very stubborn when I ask him to do things (gasp, I know…) but he really does love reading words.  I wonder how long we have before the novelty wears off.  I’m hoping for never.

Speaking of words, my favorite thing Henri does in the language department is turning words into verbs–an accepted English practice, but there are still some nouns that haven’t yet been officially converted.  In the store today, he was sounding out some letters and I said, “Wow! Are you reading?”  “No, I”m just lettering.”

Let’s hope he also doesn’t get tired of being precise.


2 Responses to “Born a Procrastinator, and other inherently lee lee traits”

  1. Rachel Pierce Says:

    Ean says he will do everything tomorrow too, maybe it is a three year old thing or a boy thing, or a stubborn thing……

  2. lee lee Says:

    Really? It must be a “boy” thing. They learn at an early age that it’s better to put us off than to say “no” outright. ha ha.

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