Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

I foresee problems in our communication… 2009/11/21

Not for any reason other than that we’re human, of course.  Therefore, I’m saving the following saying in my back pocket, just in case I ever need it:

“…he who doesn’t listen to the word of the fathers [AKA, the mothers, since we all know the fathers do/say what the mothers tell them to] will become a thief and will die through the words of a thief and will become impoverished through the words of a thief.”

And this (as a back-up’s back-up):

“Parents talk to their children.  In this way they bring up the children…But if the child doesn’t listen, then the father and the mother will neglect it and it will not grow up. It will not find anything. It will not collect anything. It will not have children and will not marry any woman.”

–Baldambe (‘Father of the Dark Brown Cow’) found onEchoes of the Past

It sure sounds better than “If you lie, God’ll cut your tongue off,” which was all I had in the Scary Warning Department until finding this gem!


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