Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

in which i defend my use of a store-bought costume 2009/11/11

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{Just another way in which my “ideals” of parenting have changed since actually becoming a parent}

Not only did I expect to make my child’s costume from scratch before becoming a parent, I even looked down upon those who didn’t.  How lazy, I thought, of those parents.  But I also saw it as a creativity problem; what are we teaching our children by allowing them to “order” their costume online?  Isn’t the point of Halloween (other than the massive amounts of candy and something about the devil)  to be creative??

Then, I became a parent.

Also, I’m a big fan of “theme” costumes.

Last year, after deciding on the theme of Little Bo Peep who’s lost her Sheep, complete with scary Wolf-Daddy, I knew that I could not even begin to make a costume as cute as the little lamb I found online.

little lamb

only costume worthy of henri's cuteness factor

I mean, come on.  This costume is so cute that when I tried to resell it online, all I got was emails from random strangers about how cute my kid was.  And, yes, he’s cute by himself–but with The Lamb Costume on…this is “shit your pants” cute.

So then, my ideal had been broken and it was perfectly okay, nay, desirable, for me to order a Curious George costume that costs $20 this year.  I didn’t realize how quickly my scruples would drop, nor how low…

Luckily, my mother-in-law saved my poor Henri from this {potential} debacle by finding a Very Expensively Made tiger costume at the Weston Dump  (Read: Untapped Resource).  The only problem with this is that as the cuteness factor continues to rise without any creative input from mom-mom, the ideal–or the possibility of Ever making a costume for h-man–sinks lower and lower and lower.  Oops…there it went.  Lost it!

tiger costume

Tigers Do Not Smile


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