Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

bring on the hair dye 2009/02/11

Filed under: just plain silly,like mother like child — lee lee @ 8:26 pm

i spotted a blonde streak in henri’s hair today.  he was outside, playing in the sun, so it might’ve been an optical illusion.  but, to be safe, we should stock up on red hair dye.  i’m only half-joking when i say this.  actually, i’m not joking at all.  since my hair only stayed red until i was four years old, maybe i should be expecting henri’s hair to change colors.  but i was so ecstatic to see him come out with [a wee bit of] red hair, and then to see it stay red while growing in…

life will once and for all “not be fair” if henri’s hair turns blonde.  aren’t there enough heartbreakers in the world??? who’s going to give all the kindergarten teachers a hard time if redheads are weeded out of society?  we need another youuuuuuuuk!


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