Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

there’s no stopping him now… 2008/11/06

Filed under: slacker mom — lee lee @ 10:07 pm

this is a double-posting day, only because i’ve been so bluggish (sluggish @ blogging) and, in fact, haven’t updated this in quite a L-O-N-G time…

anyhoo. in case you’re wondering. henri’s alive and well.  and he has taken his first steps and he says his first word constantly.  however, he won’t take any more steps.  i think he’s going to be a politician, all talk and no…well, you get the joke.

i’m sure he’s changed in many more ways over the past six months or so while i was not blogging, but it’s all been such a blur. it sounds cliche, but–believe me–it’s TRUE: i can’t believe he’s almost a year old!!! geez, i haven’t even lost my baby belly yet…

time does, indeed, fly when you’re having fun with h-man.  or maybe it just flies when you’re working 15 jobs and also taking care of an ambitious, rambunctious, danger-loving man (i’m still talking about henri, not the other man in my life).

well, i’m sure time will continue to leave us in its dust and i’ll continue to slack off in the mom-blog department.  but what’s the use of being a parent if you can’t disappoint everyone who’s counting on you to be perfect anyway???


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