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dog! 2008/11/06

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we’ve officially called it. henri’s first word is “dog.”  he has a little trouble with the gutteral ending, so–instead–he says something akin to “daw.”  but we know what he means. 🙂

some time ago, we all agreed that his first word would be not just when he says something that sounds like a word we say, but when he says something and he knows what is that he’s saying (i’d say this is a pretty standard definition of “first word,” but there was some disagreement in the family-of-henri household…).  so, yes…he definitely knows that “daw” is dog.  when he sees a dog, he says “daw”–excitedly, i might add.  AND, to one up that, he also does a cute little barking sound, if prompted.  okay, it’s actually Wicked Cute.

of course, this is his one and only word, so it also has to suffice for all of the other animals he sees (or sees a picture of), including cat, horse, pig, sheep, etc.  you get the idea!  everything is “daw.”  sometimes even da-da is “daw.”  but, it’s so darn cute, nobody minds.  say it all you want, h-man. you have a beautiful voice.


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