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life is good, but i am not 2008/07/08

Filed under: channeling anne sexton,postpartum and counting — lee lee @ 10:02 am

for a long time, i have been against psychiatric medication. but i’m wondering if this is yet another thing that is going to have to change now that i’m a mom. at what point can i stop “changing” and just make henri accept me for who i am? (i don’t mean for that to sound like i’m blaming henri. what i really want is for henri to have the *best*mom in the world, which i am not, but maybe could be with the help of some strong meds. i secondly want for him to know that life is not perfect, sadness is not bad and sometimes (sometimes!!!) it’s OKAY to cry. this is the point where my therapist would probably say something about balance, or being balanced. harumph.


One Response to “life is good, but i am not”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hey Henri’s Mom–I think the fact you’re worried about these things is a sign that you are the best mom in the world to Henri. I love these write-ups, and I’m going to be a regular visitor here, watching Henri and his mom and dad grow together.

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