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this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

mental health/henri day 2008/06/05

Filed under: great kid,working mom — lee lee @ 9:28 am

yesterday, i took a much needed day off (read: i couldn’t get out of bed and would like to blame it on the thyroid but maybe i’m just a loser?), so i got like 8 straight hours of the h-man and was totally reminded of how lucky i am to be his mom. why? because:

  • my 6 month old likes to shop. i’m serious. he LOVES it. especially when you let him sit in the big-boy seat in the cart and he can see everything.
  • when shopping, my 6 month old [apparently] does not need to eat or sleep. he’s kinda like me in that way…
  • he’s already displaying symptoms of only-child-ism. for instance: sitting in my hour-long therapy appt. and amusing himself by trying to pull the carpet threads up.
  • he sleeps best when he’s sleeping next to me (and vice versa)
  • he doesn’t whine when i listen to the same radiohead song for an entire 45 minute drive home
  • he always smiles at strangers, even when they’re fugly. (this he does *not* get from me)
  • he doesn’t mind goin’ out in the rain (as long as he’s got his comfy clothes on)

did i love it enough to be a SAHM? probably not. but i sure did have a relaxing day. loves.


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