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this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

anxiety? what anxiety??? 2008/05/09

Filed under: just plain silly,mom's day,self-portraiture,surrealism — lee lee @ 8:19 am

no lie. this was my dream this morning:

after going out to a club with mvp and PK, i somehow got separated from them and started walking. i walked and walked and walked forever and ever, stopping to ask people where the T was and turning around, backtracking, etc. a horrendously long walk… eventually, i’m walking down a pier. i get to the end and all i see is water everywhere around me. endless miles of water. i’m so depressed. i can’t believe i walked all that way and now i have to turn around and walk back! then, all of the sudden, i’m in the water…i think someone floated by and gave me a raft, because i wasn’t sinking and i wasn’t swimming/drowning. i was sitting in the water, this bright blue water with the sun shining down on me. i looked up at the immense landscape of water all around me and said to myself, “i’m going to miss mother’s day.”

seriously! that was my dream!

i don’t know…do you think i’m making too much of this, my first mother’s day???


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