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mother’s day post #2. 2008/05/08

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i officially declare that you can’t have too many mother’s day posts. it happens to be the 3rd most important day of the year, just after henri’s birthday and my birthday (not necessarily in that order).

our plans are finalized. mark sent out a lovely email inviting the mothers we know & love to join us at walden pond on saturday. anyone reading this that we missed: you are welcome, too! HOW EXCITED AM I TO BE GOING TO WALDEN POND? well, it was my idea, so i’m actually very excited. oops, i don’t think i was supposed to say that.

i don’t really like thoreau, except that i include his memoir on my list of literary self-portraits, but i think it’ll be cool to introduce henri to all of these places in and around boston that are literary that i never really went to before.


imagine being thoreau’s mom (if she was still alive). if he truly moved away and didn’t speak to anyone, she must’ve been dying. i’m already freaking out about how i’ll deal with the first day of kindergarten, let alone henri going to college in another state, getting married, or *gasp* taking a vacation without me. all of those things will make me soooooo sad. but, at least (i hope), we’ll still be TALKING to each other… did thoreau write letters though? maybe they stayed in touch that way? remember letters? ah, the good old days! thoreau could probaby pop off a quick letter to the moms, put it in the post, and then sit back for a good 7 – 14 days and think about nature and his penis and whatever else he thought about out there all he wanted. in today’s society of instant technology, even thoreau would probably be on g-mail chat. he’d set his profile to “busy” and put something witty like “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live*” but then his mom would sign on and see that he was actually red not orange and all the sudden “Bing!,” HDT is out of hiding.

thoreau’s mom: hey! you’re online!

thoreau: not really. i’m set to busy.

t’s mom: oh…well…i just wanted to say hi. i miss you sooooooooooooooo much.

t: yeah. i miss you, too. now, i have to go write–i mean, LIVE.

t’s mom: okay. BBFN!

t: bbfn

*15 minutes passes*

t’s mom: hey! i know your status says “busy” but you’re red, not orange, so you must be doing SOMETHING online, right??? are you writing me an email??? i’m going to write you one right now and we can send them to each other at the same time.

*gets message back: HDT is currently offline. Any messages you sent will be delivered when he comes back online.

t’s mom: you sorry ungrateful selfish bastard! enjoy your GD living that i happen to be paying for!!!

t: sorry, mom. i got kicked off. connection is bad here in the woods.

t’s mom: oh, ok. well, i love you!

*yes, this is actually a Thoreau quote.


One Response to “mother’s day post #2.”

  1. Jason Says:

    Absolutely priceless! “Hey! You’re online!” ha ha ha

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