Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

i have a brilliantly sentimental mother’s day post in the works, but until then… 2008/05/07

…you’ll have to settle for a list. besides, this is useful to record.

Ten Things I Like about Being MomOfHenri:

  • Snuggling in bed and he reaches over and grabs my face like he’s “blind” henri and then smiles so big I can smell his formula breath.
  • That he’s content shrieking like a dolphin or whopping me on the head with his plastic keys while I sleep a few more minutes.
  • His first temper tantrum yesterday, in which I learned my son is EXACTLY like me (in case there was any doubt) in his undying resolve to be heard and picked up and held and coddled all the time and why would you even thinking of doing something else that doesn’t involve me??? for christ’s sake.
  • That anything you put anywhere near his mouth like you’re going to feed him excites him to no end. These currently include Orajel and his electric toothbrush. He actually cried when I stopped brushing his teeth today! OMG–HCIT??? (HCIT=How Cute Is That. duh.)
  • His hair is A) not falling out and B) staying red. Yesssss!!!
  • When Mark walks in the room, Henri’s eyes light up.
  • Watching him focus on the tiniest thing for the longest time (like a dog stitched onto his blanket or my over-sized flower ring).
  • My son looks good in Pink. And he is so in touch with his feminine side.
  • speaking of: Little boys clothes…so adorable. Hold me back, please. Or I will buy much, much more.
  • Every time we take him into another room, he wants to look at every single thing in there like he hasn’t ever been there before (Yes, I know this is because he has baby-term memory, but I also want to remember it because it won’t always be that way…)
  • Reading other mom’s blogs and articles, moms who are apparently very tired and extremely disorganized and generally disgruntled, and thinking “huh, I don’t feel like that” and knowing that I —really, I do— have the *best* life.

Okay, so that bordered on sentimental. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


2 Responses to “i have a brilliantly sentimental mother’s day post in the works, but until then…”

  1. Barb Says:

    This is lovely. –Barb

  2. Miriam Says:

    Okay, so my babies are freaky amazing too. I *so* love that “grabs my face like he’s ‘blind’ henri…” part. I may be disorganized every once in a minute, but I am not disgruntled. Love your post.

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