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weekend away 2008/05/05

Filed under: alcoholics are moms too!,boring adult stuff — lee lee @ 2:03 pm

i’m writing this to let henri know (when he one day reads this brilliant chronicle of his life as my son) that i did, indeed, spend a night away from him. it may not happen again…

yes, it was nice that i didn’t have to get up at 6:45 AM to smile at him and say “hi, cutie pie” but I DIDN’T GET TO WAKE UP AT 6:45 AM TO SMILE AT HIM AND SAY “hi, cutie pie.” now, where’s the fun in that??? besides, i woke up every hour on the hour because, for some reason, i can’t sleep in new places–despite the king sized bed (nice nice nice nice nice…i want one) and the fact that i was drunk and exhausted. pooey on my sleeping habits.

also, i thought it would be nice to hang out at the wedding/reception without a baby in tow because then it’s socially acceptable to get drunk via the open bar, but…there was a mean, nasty other couple with a baby there, so mark & i kept craning our necks to check out what the baby and his parents were doing at any given moment. geeze, we could’ve just brought our own! i’m sure that’s what the well-behaved xander’s parents where thinking. i’m sure that’s what everyone was thinking!

and, yes, i thought it would be nice to have some alone time with mark. and by “alone,” i mean 4 hours in the car each way. but between getting in a—let’s call it a “heated debate”—halfway there which sent me into a selfish introspection the rest of the way there and my sleeping-except-when-waking-to-burp the entire way home, i bet mark would’ve enjoyed some nice adult company (i.e. henri).

oh, well. i would say a lesson was learned. but i think it might take a little more time for me to become the down-to-earth, relaxed and fun person i am around henri even when i’m not around henri. stay tuned for that, but don’t hold your breath (!).  at least i was able to get drunk without anyone else fearing for my child’s life/future.


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