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jealous, but just for a moment 2008/04/23

Filed under: working mom — lee lee @ 4:17 pm

sometimes i get jealous when i see parents playing with their kiddos at a park at 3 o’clock in the afternoon…but, then i realize i’m way too lazy to take my kid out to the park every day.  i’d rather watch HGTV in a nice climate-controlled atmosphere where there’s only one kid and not 1000.

then, i realize if i wasn’t working, i’d have to be the kind of parent who takes their kid to the park every day b/c i wouldn’t be able to afford HGTV or climate controls.

then, i get jealous of those oh-so-en-vogue working moms, who can play with their kids at night and on the weekends wherever they want (indoors, outdoors…doesn’t matter! we can afford either one!) because they are Working Their Butts Off to be able to do so.

then, i remember that i am one of those moms and i’m very, very glad that i’m not across the street playing with my kid right now.


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