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i had fun last night, or even good parents need to drink (away from home) 2008/04/17

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since henri’s teething, mcknight and i decided to leave him with nani last night for a few hours (not really…if i had known he was going to be THAT fussy from teething i would’ve left him with nani for the entire night…)

ahem. let me start over.

because mark is so lovely, he suggested we have a date night and go to charlie’s in harvard sq. to watch the red sox game. after i was sure my mom didn’t mind spending one little ol’ evening alone with her adorable, fabulous, not-really-that-fussy-for-someone-who’s-teeth-are-coming-in-at-lightning-speed grandson, i accepted, knowing i’d be hard pressed to have a good time without the little bugger by my side…

no really, sometimes you just need a night out, right? (why does this post sound more and more guilty…? i think it’s because i’ve been reading other mom-blogs by moms who [mostly] stay at home and see their children every waking minute AND even those moms do not blog about having a night out…) so, we went. to be honest, i did have a twinge of “i probably won’t see henri before bedtime” sadness, but once i took my first sip of that big raspberry beer, i let that go. added bonus: mark had presents waiting for me when i arrived. nice!

around about our 4th beer (i think i only had 3?), i pointed out that we would probably be the type of childless couple who postpones having children specifically because we like to go out, watch red sox games and drink the night away. mark didn’t wholeheartedly agree with me, but i think i’m right. it was fairly easy to give up nights in clubs wondering if anyone was going to “ask me to dance,” but a night out with the one i love??? well, thaaaaaat is pretty special. but then…maybe we wouldn’t appreciate it so much if we didn’t know what it was not to have it.

don’t get me wrong: i am not trying to say that we don’t have loads of fun with or without henri all the damn time. we’re just like the red sox: fun to be and good to watch whether home or away… BUT, it has been pointed out by a guy i know that we never really “dated.” what did we miss out on? the pressure of having to impress someone…wondering who’s going to pick up the check…deciding who’s bed to end up in… there’s none of that on Date Night. it’s just pure, relaxing fun. EXCEPT FOR THE RED SOX GETTING THEIR BUTTS KICKED. that is NOT fun.

so, thanks to nani and papi for putting up with a teething baby and aunt lakay for giving them a ride home. and thanks to wang for making the game look good for a while. and thanks to our ugly waitperson for serving up some good beer. and thanks to my sweetie, for suggesting we spend some quality time 2-gether. the night could not have possible without ya.


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