Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

i’m too mommy-sappy to appreciate the benefits of co-parenting 2008/04/15

Filed under: slacker mom — lee lee @ 4:09 pm

this morning was the first, probably since the 2 weeks postpartum where i wanted to die, that i really did NOT want to get up with henri (and he didn’t even wake up before my alarm went off). no, really…even on the weekends, i look forward to hearing his first little sounds of the morning–even though he is a signaler (and not a self-soother), he rarely cries; it’s more of a fussiness to let us know that he’s Finally Awake. i [usually] get up pretty quickly to see his contagious smile (that alone is worth the labor of getting out of bed), even if it’s just to bring him back to bed with me so he can play with his feet while we “rest our eyes” some more. but today–my first thought was mommy is too tired. luckily, mark got up surprisingly quick for someone who is oh-so-not a morning person and grabbed him and a diaper (wow!), allowing me to lie there and pretend like i was still asleep. of course, as soon as he was in bed, i couldn’t keep my eyes closed. sleepy or not, i was in henri-withdrawal. 🙂


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