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is being tolerant really that difficult? 2008/04/10

Filed under: social justice — lee lee @ 12:02 pm

i just read this ridiculous article/comment feed on Liberty Mutual’s “The Responsibility Project” website. The article poses the question of whether or not strollers should be allowed in bars, and the comment-feed goes on to bash any mother (or parent, really) who has a drink in front of her child… WTF? We really live in a crazy society (also known as “land of the free…”). Responsibility is known as taking care of yourself (and your child, if you are lucky enough to have one), not condemning or even condoning other people’s behaviors. Get over yourself, I’d like to say to all these people that are worried about “crying babies” in their precious bars. There can’t possibly be a baby in every single bar in your neighborhood…go find another one. We all have to live in relative harmony, or be bitches and ho’s the rest of our lives: You Decide which is right for you.

The brutal truth is that most people have to have a child in order to appreciate how your life does and does not/should and should not change by such an event. (I know this because I used to be the person screaming that there should be separate seating for people with kids in any restaurant…and now, of course, I’m not saying that.) After having a child, you do not automatically have endless funds to pay a babysitter every time you want to run to CVS or go for an after-work cocktail. Also, you do not stop desiring adult company in adult atmospheres. Because–guess what? Having a child doesn’t remove your dislike of screaming babies. You know that saying about parents loving the sound of their kid crying?? It’s not really true (it’s more endearment than love). Mothers are people, too…We haven’t lost our eardrums just because we birthed a child!

However, you do have to put someone else before yourself (and by “someone else,” I don’t mean your bar companions…) and you do have to stop drinking until you black out, unless-like me–you drink at home. Ha ha. Only Kidding…

I say, the child should be a part of your life in every way that makes sense. Unfortunately for those people who choose not to have children (right now or ever)–which also, apparently, makes them quite bitter at those of us who do choose to have children–this means that sometimes children will be a part of their life, too. Unlesswe could always “ban” people without strollers! Yes, that’s it! I’ll start a drinking establishment that is not just stroller-friendly, but stroller-mandatory!! No Shoes, No Shirt, No Stroller…No Service.


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