Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

update: we are really moving this time 2008/04/09

Filed under: change is good,suburbia — lee lee @ 4:11 pm

we finally found a house that will, um, house all of us. it’s not exactly SUBURBIA…since 50% of the residents were worried about commuting options, i had to let that one go. but there is a [tiny] yard and a [large] patio, plus a thousand rooms to put our crap in.

henri’s room is soooooooooo big i’m considering putting a climbing wall in there (14 foot celings) and maybe one of those plastic outdoor play-thingies, slide and all. also, the h-man will have his own bathroom. how 21st century of us. (though, we will appreciate this as he gets older and older…and older…and older. for now, i think it’ll be more like mark and lee lee have separate bathrooms.)

other perks to the house: 2 separate entertaining areas for fantastic parties (!), an “office” for mark to hide in when the rest of us become too much for him to bear and custom details everywhere, which make me feel like it’s not a rental after all.

p.s. mark your calendars: open house/first party is the weekend of July 4th. details to come via e-vite after we’re settled in.


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