Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

we miss mark 2008/04/03

Filed under: slacker mom,sleep is overrated — lee lee @ 2:59 pm

i don’t think henri’s sleeping all that well, and neither is his mommy!  usually, he wakes up about 6:45 and plays in his bouncy seat for a while until i drag my ass out of bed.  but–this week–he hasn’t even wanted to get up when i’m ready to leave, which is around 7:30.   at some point in the night/early morning, he wakes up and will not keep his pacifier in.  after about 3 times putting it back in, i just put him in my bed.  but i think this makes both of us sleep more restlessly.  what’s a mom/son to do??? we need mcknight back!!!


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