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sleepy but stubborn… 2008/03/12

Filed under: schedulicious,sleep is overrated — lee lee @ 2:38 pm

(…or maybe he just has gas…?)

now that we’ve upped his formula intake once again, henri has actually somewhat settled into a sleeping schedule on his own. well, i’m not there during the day… but, at night, he falls asleep right after his 9/9:30 bottle and sleeps until 2 or 2:30 AM. we feed him (and by “we” i mean “mark”) 4 oz. and he goes back to sleep right away. then, he usually sleeps until 6:30…sometimes longer, especially if i rock his bouncy seat a little while. (of course, all this goes out the window if his tummy hurts, like last night…but i do not want to talk about that right now!!!).

i guess that’s not too bad of a sleep schedule, even though the doctor did say he should be able to sleep for 5 hours after his last evening bottle.

as for going to sleep on his own, i don’t think we’re quite ready for that one. he is just learning to put his pacifier in his mouth on his own, which is a definite step in the right direction. but, i can’t imagine him falling asleep or falling back asleep without patting or rocking of some sort. besides the fact he has to be swaddled so tight you could throw him like a football without the blanket coming undone to sleep at all. as i may have previously mentioned: we’ve created a monster. but–i believe he will progress to other sleep habits when he is ready.  maybe i have to believe that???

although– mark did buy a couple books on baby sleep this past weekend. i tried to read one, but i was too sleepy to read much past the first page. 😦


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