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one week to go… 2008/01/14

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today begins the last week of my maternity leave. i’ll spare you the “mixed emotions” runaround. but i have been thinking about a number of ways in which my life has changed since before this little bundle of joy arrived…

  • i’m back to needing much less sleep. i hope i can keep this up when i go back to work. i don’t know if my brain is actually working, but with coffee and lots of fresh air, i’m sure i can keep my eyes open for those looooooooooooooooong and frequent meetings.
  • i’m much more tidy. everyone (and by “everyone” i mean my parenting magazines) talks about how there’s no time to do the laundry or wash the dishes once baby comes and that “it’s okay” if the house stays messy, prioritize, yada yada yada. but i find that there’s not really anything else to do while you’re holding, rocking, jogging, and goo-goo-ga-ga-ing a swaddled ten-pounder. in fact, i think we would both be much more bored if i wasn’t constantly walking back and forth between the living room and the kitchen throwing away miniscule lint pieces i’ve picked off of the sofa…
  • i know what time the mail comes (11 AM sharp).
  • i also know that the mailman has 3 daughters.
  • i sway back and forth all the time; even when i’m not holding the little one; even in the shower; probably in my sleep, too.
  • i heat old coffee up in the microwave and drink it. okay, i’ve done this once before in my life–when i lived with my grandma in missouri for a summer. in fact, there were many things about my life that summer that resemble my life now, except i did not sway then.
  • i prefer online shopping to either pushing a stroller and carrying a grocery basket or propping the baby carrier on a grocery cart that [apparently] is made for much, much smaller baby carriers.
  • i prefer online shopping to–really–anything.
  • i’m a side-sleeper.
  • my belly jiggles like a bowl of jello. (good times!)
  • i prefer watching movies with commercials as it gives me time to run to the bathroom, grab a snack or make a bottle for the umpteenth time.
  • i can eat, pee, sleep, type, work 2 remote controls, make a bottle, change a diaper and open a beer bottle with only one hand.
  • i lose interest in a 30-minute TV program, forget to finish the magazine i’ve started reading and do that annoying thing where people start to say something of worth and instead say “um, i forgot what i was going to say.”
  • i’m much less judgmental about parents who let their kids cry in public(because i now know they have no control over anything in their life, let alone whether or not their kid decides to start crying when they’re only on aisle 3 of a full-blown grocery shopping trip).
  • i let my kid cry in public. rather, my kid cries in public. and i’m okay with that. i think.

One Response to “one week to go…”

  1. Linda Perna Says:

    Re the swaying thing – I can remember standing alone in line at the bank one day (both of my children were in school) and I realized that I was swaying, big time, just as if I was holding an infant or toddler. The only thing I had in my hands was my checking account deposit slip – no baby! And believe it or not it still happens occasionally even today!

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