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feeding vs. scrapbooking…which is really more important? 2008/01/11

Filed under: memorabilia,yum yum — lee lee @ 12:47 pm

i was doing some research on feeding schedules (which was NOT helpful AT ALL…) and came across a “tip” that told me never to prop my baby up with the bottle.  instead, i should always hold him while feeding.

um…oops.  i knew i was lazy…but i kind of figured that any savvy parent would eventually come up with a fallproof feeding method that doesn’t include their arm, hand or lap falling asleep.  but i guess not.  i guess i’m just *really* lazy.

however, i’m going to continue propping my baby up, because i think he really likes it.  it’s like “alone time” for both of us…unlike the rest of the day/night, which is NOT alone time at all…ever…even when we’re both sleeping…or not really sleeping but resting our eyes until the next bottle-feed…

to make up for this naughty parenting, i’m going to spend some time finishing up his memory book from the “Greatest Baby Shower of All” day o’ fun.  my plan is to glue each of the cards he got to some nice black scrapbook paper and then store them in the same binder as his “Henri: Past, Present & Future” surveys.  it’s going to be so fun looking through this book when he gets old enough to understand who all of these people that love him are.  (and it’s totally going to make up for any lack in parenting on my part.)  i can’t wait!


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