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i demand to continue on a feeding schedule! 2007/11/29

Filed under: schedulicious — lee lee @ 1:03 pm

apparently, strict feeding schedules are a hallmark of fundamentalist child-raising policies.  and, yes, i do mean policies.  they have a guidebook–much like the Bible, only God didn’t write this one–that spells out exactly how to raise your child so that they become a Bible-believing, God-fearing, “I-don’t-play-with-my-food” adult.

strict & scheduled feedings are only one requirement among myriad other “I’m the Parent, Goddamnit” type rules such as planned alone playtime and spanking.

of course, it’s all about power: God has power over man; man has power over woman; and parents have power over children.  mmmmmmmmm…family.  it really warms my heart.

fortunately, i hadn’t read this document before following henri’s pediatrician’s advice to keep him on a schedule, or i probably would’ve balked more.  i know “demand feeding” is all the rage among those free-loving breastfeeding moms, but i really think the schedule is the right thing for us.  imagine how difficult it would be to regulate his intake with four different caregivers feeding him whenever he cried or suckled.  t’would be difficult, since, so far, he hasn’t stopped suckling! the boy loves to suckle!  he suckles immediately after finishing an entire bottle!!!

and: lastly…  if demand feeding is so good for breastfeeding moms because it helps them regulate their milk supply, blah blah blah…then, schedule feeding is just as good for bottle-feeding moms, because i need to regulate my budget!

so, yeah. those are my reasons.  and I’M NOT A FUNDAMENTALIST! promise 🙂


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