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need…more…clocks… 2007/11/27

Filed under: schedulicious — lee lee @ 4:02 pm

now i remember why i resisted momhood for so long…from the moment the kid pops out of you, you’re on a schedule. life is no longer your own; TIME is your master.

the darn feeding schedule is enough to drive you mad. (and IS, in fact, driving the ever-hungry henri mad.) i’m constantly looking at the clock and calculating how many more hours it will be ’til he can have a bottle. when he wakes up wimpering at night, the first thing i grab is my phone (i don’t even *have* a clock in my bedroom…!!) to see what time it is. and, already, we’ve experienced the “plan ahead for the number of hours you’ll be gone” conundrum. as a parent of a bottle-fed baby, you just can’t decide to have lunch out on a whim…unless you’ve brought along extra supplies, that is.

of course, i hate [working] clocks more than most people. but i’d be willing to bet the schedule thing is the #1 biggest adjustment for all new parents. i don’t care how structured your life is nor how rigorous your schedule; you aren’t a slave to time until you have a screaming, red-faced kid who thinks 3-4 hours between bottles really means somewhere around 2 1/2.


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