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pregnancy looks good on me? 2007/09/08

Filed under: nothing to report — lee lee @ 2:45 pm

here’s the average conversation between me and someone else:

other person: wow! you’ve really popped!!

lee lee: yep.

other person:  how far along are you/when are you due???

lee lee: november 5th.

other person:  oh, that’s not THAT far away…

lee lee: it’s far enough!

other person:  well, you look really GOOD

lee lee: [silence] [stunned/slightly grateful smile]

my big question is: what would these people say if i didn’t look good???
and, what does “looking good” really mean?  is it because i’m still wearing clothes instead of mumu’s?  or because i still bathe on a regular basis?  do most pregnant women not look good at this point in their pregnancy?  or, is the other person just amazed that a weakling such as myself is still living and breathing with an additional 19 pounds concentrated in my middlins?

i don’t know and i guess it [ultimately] doesn’t matter.  strange as it is to have other people invested in the state of my external affairs, i’ve never received so many compliments on the way i look before and i probably never will again.   i really wouldn’t complain about this…but i don’t have any other complaints right now!!!  i guess pregnancy feels good on me, too…


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