Parenting Henri

this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

someone take my amex away 2007/08/23

Filed under: suburbia,working mom — lee lee @ 11:08 pm

there comes a time in a [pregnant&working] woman’s life when she must go shopping. for me, it was right around 28 weeks. if only i could wear my basketball shorts to work…

some thoughts about maternity clothes:

  • why does everything tie in the back? that’s so not-politically-correct for the partnerless preggers.
  • where is the pregnant woman willing to spend $80 on jeans? i think i’ll wait until i can fit back into pants that actually have a waist.
  • what insane bachelor/businessman thought up the “maternity thong”? gross.
  • why isn’t everything in a maternity store made of jersey knit? now, that would be a honeymoon phase!

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