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this is about henri, and the parenting thereof

momdom=geekdom 2007/07/21

Filed under: nothing to report — lee lee @ 1:31 pm

i had thought of tracking my pregnancy highs & lows via a blog; but, in the beginning i was just too damn sick/tired/almost dead; and, lately, there hasn’t been a goddamned thing going on. well, nothing to blog about, that is…

thus, the perfect time to start a blog! i just read someone’s blog who writes about the squirrels vs. the birds in their backyard, for pete’s sake! if they can do it–SO CAN I. *evil laugh*

actually, henri has started kicking his peewee legs (at least i hope it’s his leg) lately. see–he just kicked me. i think he’s trying to say “hey mom, you’re a big enough nerd as it is. don’t start another blog just to talk about me. please-please don’t!!” since i can’t kick him back, i’m just going to remind him (and all of you) that AT LEAST i’m not one of those mom’s that is starting a blog as though i were the baby talking. now, that’s ridiculous. everyone knows babies can’t write. well, mine will be able to, but not until he’s out of the womb…

other than that (the kicking of legs, i mean), the only exciting thing about the so-called “honeymoon” trimester is that i can eat whatever the hell i want without getting sick. but don’t tell my nutritionist; i think she wants me to eat greens and lettuce and stuff. blegh. henri likes ICE CREAM. oh, and. we’re probably moving to the ‘burbs—–the real ‘burbs—–not the medford ‘burbs. how is this related to the momming of henri, you ask? not so fast…don’t try to trick me into revealing any of my expert-mom secrets. me (and henri) know. and we’re cool wid it.

shall i bore you with the not-so-exciting things? nah. maybe later; when there’s really nothing to report…


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